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From our one-stop manufacturing workshop to protective coatings and finishes
we can take care of your manufacturing needs from beginning to end

Our Beaudesert facility provides capacity for larger fabrication, powder coating and sand blasting capacity. We also offer Mobile Welding and Sand Blasting.

What We Do

Synergy Steel is dedicated to providing a high standard in metal fabrication. We pride ourselves on producing quality work whilst meeting project deadlines.

Synergy Steel provides a wide range of welding, metal fabrication, sandblasting, protective-coating and powder-coating services to the greater South-East Region of Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

We strive to provide consultative, experienced metal fabricators to service both large and small projects. We are able to work in on-site and off-site situations, especially with portable equipment for both welding and sandblasting.

Our business has been in operation since 2010. Originally opening shop on Tamborine Mountain, we have recently opened our larger workshop in Beaudesert - allowing us greater ability to service not only the urban areas of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but the greater South-Eastern and South-Western regions of Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Our new location allows us a far greater position to not only support growing demand for our services, but facilitates greater flexibility when dealing with in-house jobs. More room equals greater possibilities, but we feel it's important to note - Synergy Steel isn't all about the larger projects, we are happy to help with the smallest of projects too.

Primarily, our services are based on welding and manufacturing for just about anything made with metal. Our welding services include the essential welding forms of Arc, Mig and Tig. After consultation and planning, we source supply all the necessary supplies required and see the project through from start to end. From there, we are able to work onsite and from our equipped workshop depending on the stages and requirements of the job.

In keeping with metal fabrication on a constructive level, Synergy Steel also provides a range of product finishing and coating abilities. These more commonly include sandblasting and powder coating, but we also offer multiple other protective coating systems for various requirements. (For example, corrosion resistance coatings for marine applications).

We encourage you to contact one of our friendly, experienced staff members that are happy to help plan, quote and explain a project through with you today.

Since 2010 Synergy Steel strives to provide the highest quality metal fabrication services.

Who we are

With humble beginnings in a workshop based on Tamborine Mountain, Synergy Steel was created under the leadership of local James Bartle. James' handy work began to gain traction locally, and by way of formalisation, the Synergy Steel business was created in 2010. It incorporated a two man team producing a steady project output.

By early 2011, the workshop was once again expanded to include sandblasting equipment and a powder coating shop - this included a large gas-fired oven and spray booth. The company was now fully equipped to provide manufacturing from raw materials to finished product.

2015 has now brought about much welcomed growth, which the addition of a fully operational workshop facility in Beaudesert. Our central location has seen us servicing not only the populated regions along the South-East Coast regions of Queensland, but has enabled us to look after the western and interior regions as well. We are proud to provide for customers as far as Longreach and Cunnamulla, although more commonly we operate in the areas of Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Jimboomba, Dalby, Toowoomba, Chinchilla, Warwick - in fact, right across the Southern-Downs and Scenic Rim regions.

With the expansion of our workshop, Synergy Steel is proud to combine a small fleet of mobile welding units, fully equipped to take on any job at any location. We now have full capability in portable welding and sandblasting for all the jobs that you can't bring to us.

Welding, Sand Blasting, Powder Coating and Metal Fabrication for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Scenic Rim and Darling Downs.

Our Services

Synergy Steel is capable of producing high quality metal fabrication work for a large range of applications. Synergy Steel offers all welding, fabrication, sandblasting, powder coating and protective coating services.

Welding: MIG, TIG, Arc, Onsite and Offsite, Mobile welding services

Manufacturing: Structural steel, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Agricultural, Gates and fencing, Cattle, Stock and Horses

Sandblasting & Abrasives: Preparatory sandblasting, Portable unit for items you can't bring to us, Paint and Corrosion removal

Powder Coating: All Powder Coating facilities available, Protective Coatings, Two-Pack Paint systems

Shipping Containers: Source and Provide Shipping Containers, Customisation for Residential and Business purposes, Repurposing a speciality

No matter what the task, Synergy Steel's main goal is to undertake any job with a high level of care alongside friendly, informative and time-conscious service

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